Really?! You make reels for View-Master viewers with my own photos?

Yes! Just send us your photos/artwork and we will do the rest. It’s that easy.

How many photos can I send?

Each reel (or disc) consists of 7 different images. They will doubled within the production process, so each eye gets its own image (therefore the 14 “holes”). If you have real 3-D images you can send your 14 L/R images or your 7 MPO files.

In what format should the photos be?

In general: All images will work. No matter if grainy night shots taken with an old mobile, high-quality scenery photos, scanned drawings, Photoshop artwork, …

More in detail: The native View-Master aspect ratio is ca 12:11 in landscape format. So panorama (i.e. 16:9 format) or upright images don’t fit very well, but can be processed without any problem. Unused space will kept black.

Here are some examples:

landscape image upright image view-master photo in square format photo for viewmaster in native aspect ratio
Landscape/Panorama Portrait/Upright Square Optimal

The technical aspect: Your images should be in JPEG, PNG, HEIC or MPO format. Optimal resolution is 1400×1250 pixels. If your images have more or less, don’t worry – more is fine of course, and less aswell: even photos with around 600 pixels look stunning! Just make sure they have not less than 300 pixels.

Will the images appear in the right order in the reel?

The images will processed in their alphabetical order. Example:

    • Carl.jpg
    • Anne.jpg
    • Bill.jpg

will be in this order:

    1. Anne.jpg
    2. Bill.jpg
    3. Carl.jpg

To be on the safe side, just name your images 1 – 7. Or, if it’s easier for you, send a screenshot which shows the intended order. Or describe it in a message. Whatever is easiest for you.

What about the image quality? Is it fine enough for…

Yes it is. We use some of the world’s sharpest film recorders. You can expect fine details, clearly readable text, exact colour reproduction. It’s the same high quality as the original View-Master reels used to have. We have a lot of professional landscape and wedding photographers as customers.

What about boudoir/nudity?

No problem.

I own an old viewer. Will your reels work with it?

We tested our reels with a lot of viewers, of course couldn’t check all of them. They will work fine with original View-Master viewers, even with the 50s/60s models. There might be issues with other brands and cheap asian clones.

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